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Thirteen year-old twins, Cirra and Jace, learn that dragons are real when a youngling Tonk falls from its magic world and into their modern-day lives. The magic hole it fell through is 200 miles straight up and the dragon is too small to fly that high. The hole will close in 24 hours and the little dragon will die if it does not return home.

The brave boy-girl duo (never call them children) are determined to return Tonk, but the local sheriff knows dragons visit earth. He must have this dragon and his determination is brutal. Even worse, Kade, a wanted felon, is in town and knows that the gutsy kids have a dragon. At over seven feet tall, Kade is a giant and filled with greed that matches his height. He will kill to get the dragon.

But, a greater danger flies in the form of a Drackin, a massive dragon that has already killed.  He waits for Cirra as she and her brother race to outsmart the sheriff and defeat Kade.  They twist and turn through the surprises of their quest until, alone in the dark, they each come face to face with death. They must rely on bravery and loyalty to each other or death will win.

The final battle rages high in the night sky with Cirra on the back of a dragon having a heart larger than its wings. They and the Drackin are locked in battle where the stakes are her life, Tonk’s planet, and her hometown. But she looses the dual and plunges toward her death.  With only seconds left, she must learn the power of a magic sword she holds, or die. 
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Cindy: "Cirra rocks." || Geri: "Absolutely Awesome." || Ami's daughter: "Amazing story"

Suzzi: "Tonk is a Big Surprise."  || Paula: "Good Cliffhangers"
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A Modern Fire-Breathing Dragon Adventure In Your Own Backyard!
WHERE DRAGONS FLY - Book 1: Night of the Drackin
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