Mr. Ghent is a story teller.  He's been telling wonderful stories to his children and grandchildren for over 40 years.  At bedtime, he used to ask them what kind of a story they wanted and then he would make up one right on the spot.  That's where NIGHT OF THE DRACKIN came from.  Now, he is preparing two more books in the Where Dragons Fly series.  

Lets go back to high school to learn about him. That’s when he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and began a life of realizing how real and good God is.  

After high school, he joined the Air Force, learned electronics and then one year later married his ninth grade sweetheart, Arlene. He spent the next 40+ years inventing electronic thing-a-ma-bobs for General Motors, Control Data, and Whirlpool.  

In 1990 he settled into a cramped airline seat for a flight to India. So, what do you do while trapped for 15 hours in a noisy airplane? Well, Mr. Ghent had a pencil and a writing tablet. That was the start of his writing.

But, wanting to write and having lots of good stories was just not enough. He soon completed a course for fiction novel writing.  The best, however, was finding an award winning author and screen writer to mentor him.  

Over the years, he has written a variety of books that are waiting for him to update and edit. These include the following:

1 Sci-fi                                 Ages 9-14                                   Smart boy and girl on space adventure
2 Christmas stories              Ages 3 - 7                             When Santa was Real and the Littlest Star
3 picture books                    Ages 3-8                                                                  An old train for kids
3 picture books                    Ages 3-8                                            Puppy and kitten action adventure
Magazine story                    Adults                                                                            Action suspense
Picture book                        Ages 3-8                                                                     Boy lost in danger
Romance/mystery               Adults                                                                           Danger/Suspense
Magazine story                   Young adult and up                               Time travel romance - Big twist
Romance novel                   3 versions: Children, Teens & Adult       Friends, Romance on the train
Paranormal short story       Young adult and up                                                     Ghostly love story
​Fantasy novel                     Ages 9-14                             Books 2 and 3 - WHERE DRAGONS FLY

Check back often to see how Mr. Ghent is doing with all the books.  
Wishing you many great reading adventures.

Robert Ghent